"I just wanted to tell you that I have recently purchased your book, Time Alone, The gift of being with yourself. This book is absolutely amazing and has been very helpful to me in dealing with my fear of being on my own forever. It is exactly what I have needed at this point in my life and I have read it over and over and shared it with several people. The illustrations are beautiful and the words speak to me on a very personal level." Thank you for this beautiful book.

Sincerely, Susan Talbot
Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police
London Police Service

“The part of an artist is to show the beauties of the world, of life, of everything, of anybody, whatever horrors exist. Thank you Susan, to be that pilgrim of hope and confidence.”
Bernadette Thomas
editrice des livres-cadeau,
Helen Exley
Belgium publisher
"I would just like to say that my mother bought your book 'When You Lose Someone You Love' last year after my father had died. It is a lovely book and eventually my mother gave it to me as she knew how much I loved it. I still read it from time to time and it does help immensely - I still cry every time I read it, but feel so much better afterwards as the words have so much meaning. Thank you."

"Susan's clear words and gentle images offer connection, comfort and inspiration to my clients struggling with deep personal growth issues. Her books are available in our waiting room and are well loved. Susan's small books speak to the heart in a big way!"

Patty Van Dyke,
“I was given this book after my brother committed suicide and I remain grateful for it everyday. It is a simple little book, but a great comfort. If you or someone you know is in mourning, this book will
help show that there is a light at the end of this journey we travel when we are grieving.”
Amazon. com reader
About the book,
When You Lose Someone You Love
“ WHERE ARE YOUR CARDS?????????????????????
I have most of your books because I have followed you for YEARS!! I bet I have given 200 of them for presents!! But I love your cards. I bought a store out in Ohio about three years ago and only have one left. I LOVE your cards. Please tell me they are still available.

"I have enjoyed finding your web site..”
Debbie Liipfert
"Life is full of ups and downs and during a difficult time when I chose to go into counseling, I happened to pick up one of your books. “Your Journey” was incredibly touching, and along with your beautiful watercolors as illustrations, it was an empowering experience. Thank you for your words of wisdom and insight and for just being there. You are a wonderful resource for families."

Melinda Baker
Webfoot Studios

"I love the books that you create. They are filled with wonderful paintings and inspiring words that are truly gifts - so perfect for gift books for ourselves as well as for those we love. I also love that they are short. We are bombarded by so much information that your books offer a respite from all that. They give us quiet moments for taking a breath and looking at what's really important."
Cheryl Gilman
Author of "Doing Work You Love: Discovering Your Purpose,
Realizing Your Dream"
".You have captured in words the depth and authenticity of being fully human."
Virginia Andreas Larson
PhD, Psychotherapist
"This little book is my bible for the times I need a reminder to come back to myself. The illustrations and the words are perfectly paired and express what most of us avoid or neglect to do, spending time alone and taking responsibility for tending our inner garden. A wonderful gift to give to oneself and a special offering to friends. This is one of many bookswritten and illustrated by Susan Florence that bring a message of upliftment."
Amazon.com reader
About the book, "Time Alone." 
"I loan this book to people who have lost someone and they all say the same thing. They all think the book is very helpful. It helps you get through your time of need."
Amazon.com reader
About the book, "When You Lose Someone You Love."

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